AMG Metal Trading L.L.C - U.A.E

AMG Metal Trading L.L.C - U.A.E

AMG Metal Trading L.L.C.AMG Metal Trading LLC was established in 1999 in Dubai, UAE. We are a metals trading and engineering company with principal operations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

AMG Metal Trading LLC hedges all base metals in the London Metal Exchange to safe guard all our buyers from market uncertainties and fluctuations.

We trade in ores & concentrates, primary metals, alloys, chemicals and scraps. We source our raw materials from different smelters around the world and distribute the end products throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We also source and supply engineering machinery to the Middle East. This includes tailor made machinery for specific industries and use. Our goal is to generate strong financial returns and create a world-class metals and engineering group.

The company actively trades in the following :

1. Ores & Concentrates: Copper, Alumina, Zinc, Lead, Chrome, Iron Ore.

2. Primary Metals: Lead, Zinc, Silver, Antimony, Aluminium, Tin, Nickel, Copper, Cadmium, Cobalt, Chrome in Ingot, Billet, Sheet, Wire, Tube and Bus Bar form both LME approved and Non-LME.

Zinc IngotsZinc Ingots

Lead IngotsLead Ingots

Copper SheetsCopper Sheets

Lead SheetsLead Sheets

Copper Bus BarCopper Bus Bar

Silver IngotSilver Ingot

3. Alloys: Copper, Zinc, Lead, Aluminium, Cadmium, Cobalt alloys in Ingot, Billet, Sheet, Wire, Tube and Bus Bar form.

Copper AlloyCopper Alloy

Zinc AlloyZinc Alloy

Aluminium AlloyAluminium Alloy

Brass IngotBrass Ingot

4. Chemicals: Lead, Silver, Antimony, Aluminium, Tin, Nickel, Copper, Cadmium, Cobalt, Chrome, Brass, Zinc in the form of sulphates, oxides, powders, salts and acids.

Copper OxideCopper Oxide

Copper PowderCopper Powder

Copper SulphateCopper Sulphate

Zinc PowderZinc Powder

5. Scraps:

a. Aluminium Scraps: Tense, Taint, Tabor, Telic, UBC-Talap/Talc, Taldon, Talon, Taldork, Thril, 6061 and 6063 Extrusion, Tabloid, Nomad, Remelted Aluminium Ingots and all ISRI Aluminium Scraps.

UBC Scrap LooseUBC Scrap Loose

UBC Scrap TaldonUBC Scrap Taldon

Wire Tall / TalkWire Tall / Talk


Wire Tall / TalkWire Tall / Talk



6061 and 6063 Extrusion6061 and 6063 Extrusion

b. Brass Scraps: Honey, Ocean, Lace, Lake, Pale, Pallu, Brass Turnings, Remelted Brass Ingots and Rods and all ISRI Brass Scraps.

Brass ScrapBrass Scrap



Brass TurningBrass Turning

Brass IngotsBrass Ingots

Brass LakelaceBrass Lakelace

Brass OceanBrass Ocean

Brass OceanBrass Ocean

c. Copper Scraps: Birch, BirchCliff, Berry, Barley, Candy, Remelted Copper Ingots, Billets and Sheets and all ISRI Copper Scraps.

Copper WireCopper Wire

Copper Birch/CliffCopper Birch/Cliff

Copper BerryCopper Berry

Copper CandyCopper Candy

d. Lead Scraps: Racks, Rents, Remelted Lead Ingots and Blocks, Antimonial Lead Ingots, Lead Cable Strippings, Lead Drosses, Lead Ash and all ISRI Lead Scraps.

Lead IngotsLead Ingots

Lead Cable StrippingsLead Cable Strippings

e. Nickel Scraps: 90/10 Cupro-Nickel Scraps, 80/20 Cupro Nickel, 70/30 Cupro Nickel, Monel Scrap, High Nickel Scraps and all ISRI Nickel Scraps.

High Nickel ScrapsHigh Nickel Scraps

f. Tin Scraps: Tin Lead Scraps, Solder Scraps and all ISRI Tin Scraps.

g. Zinc Scraps: Saves, Score, Scabs, Shelf, Zinc Residues, Zinc Ash and Skimmings, Zinc Dust, Zinc Top and Bottom Dross, Zinc Die Cast Scrap and all ISRI Zinc Scraps.

Zinc Die Cast ScrapZinc Die Cast Scrap

h. Steel Scraps: 310 Stainless Steel Scrap, 321 Stainless Steel Scrap, 316 Stainless Steel Scrap.

i. Battery Scraps: Acid Drained Battery 'Rains' as per ISRI, Battery Plates 'RAILS' as per ISRI, Battery Lugs 'Rakes' and Separators, Battery Powder, Battery PP Covers.

Battery ScrapBattery Scrap

j. Plastic and Paper scraps:

Contact Details: 
Al Wasl Road, Villa 1183b, Jumeirah
P.O. Box 13768, 
Dubai - U.A.E.,
Tel.: +971 4 3488603
Fax: +971 4 3488604